Cyber Security Awareness Month at Campus Community School

Cyber Security Awareness Month at Campus Community School
Campus Community School kicked off October as Cyber Security Awareness Month with an interactive presentation sponsored by The Department of Technology and Information (DTI). 

The presentation on Wednesday, October 1st, for 4th and 5th graders used videos and interaction with students to cover the topics of Cyber Citizenship, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security, and Personal Safety.

Computer technology teacher Donna Saunders commented, "It was a great experience seeing our Campus Community students engaging in a lively discussion about the importance of internet safety.  Our students were excited to watch the video presentation from  the Delaware Department of Technology and gave Emily Wilson there attention to such an important topic and issue."

Thanks to our students and staff for such a successful Cyber Awareness Assembly with the Delaware Department of Technology & Information.  Our 4th and 5th graders did an amazing job of paying attention to our speaker  Mrs. Emily Wilson and engaging in a very lively discussion about cyber bullying, on-line safety and protecting personal information!

Our presenter, DTI employee Emily Wilson, did a great job of interacting with the students, and delivering the message to stress the many important lessons to be learned in cyber safety.