Linda Wooleyhand Teacher Kindergarten Linda.Wooleyhand@ccs.k12.de.us
Jaclyn Alexander Teacher Kindergarten Jaclyn.Alexander@ccs.k12.de.us
Katelyn Vincent Teacher Kindergarten Katelyn.Vincent@ccs.k12.de.us
Deni Gorman Teacher 1st Grade Deni.Maguire@ccs.k12.de.us
Sylena Lenkiewicz Teacher 1st Grade Sylena.Lenkiewicz@ccs.k12.de.us
Jessica Gilson Teacher 1st Grade Jessica.Gilson@ccs.k12.de.us
Sunita Chakraborty Teacher 2nd Grade Sunita.Chakraborty@ccs.k12.de.us
Shawneen Newnam Teacher 2nd Grade Shawneen.Newnam@ccs.k12.de.us
Deja Hudson Teacher 2nd Grade Deja.Hudson@ccs.k12.de.us
Khristina Thompson Teacher 3rd Grade Khristina.Thompson@ccs.k12.de.us
Amber Buck Teacher 3rd Grade Amber.Buck@ccs.k12.de.us
Jessica Harklerode Teacher 3rd Grade Jessica.Harklerode@ccs.k12.de.us
Natalie Hartman Teacher 4th Grade Natalie.Hartman@ccs.k12.de.us
Brittany Robinson Teacher 4th Grade Brittany.Robinson@ccs.k12.de.us
Katelynn Meyers Teacher 5th Grade Katelynn.Meyers@ccs.k12.de.us
Andrea Sparks Teacher 5th Grade Andrea.Sparks@ccs.k12.de.us
Farrah Brown Teacher 6th 7th 8th Grade ELA Farrah.Brown@ccs.k12.de.us
Patadora Sams Teacher 6th 7th 8th Grade ELA Patadora.Sams@ccs.k12.de.us
Brian Cunningham Teacher 6th 7th 8th Grade Math Brian.Cunningham@ccs.k12.de.us
Gaffel Hippolyte Teacher 6th 7th 8th Grade Math Gaffel.Hippolyte@ccs.k12.de.us
Renatae Burton Teacher 6th 7th 8th Grade Social Studies Renatae.Burton@ccs.k12.de.us
Michelle Riley Teacher 6th 7th 8th Grade Science Michelle.Riley@ccs.k12.de.us
Melissa Ward Special Services Coordinator Melissa.Ward@ccs.k12.de.us
Stephanie Hemm Special Services Stephanie.Hemm@ccs.k12.de.us
Janel Flynn Special Services Janel.Flynn@ccs.k12.de.us
Ronda Bacu Special Services  Ronda.Bacu@ccs.k12.de.us
Anna Ramon Teacher Music Anna.Ramon@ccs.k12.de.us
Jennifer Boland Teacher Visual Arts Jennifer.Boland@ccs.k12.de.us
Trevor Mears Teacher Physical Education Trevor.Mears@ccs.k12.de.us
Ernest Brown Teacher Business and Technology Ernest.Brown@ccs.k12.de.us
 Howard Kimmel  Nurse Howard.Kimmel@ccs.k12.de.us


Bully Prevention

The Delaware Department of Justice has a School Ombudsman who can assist with bullying issues. The hotline number is 1-800-220-5414

Bullying/Cyberbullying Policy

Bully Reporting Form