Adopt a Classroom

Mrs. Edler’s 7th grade homeroom has adopted a classroom in hurricane-ravaged Houston, TX.  Ms. Roberts’ class at Stevenson Middle School is in the middle of an area hit very hard by Hurricane Harvey.  While the school itself did not suffer any damage, many of the students’ homes in the area were destroyed, and many students and their families are still living in shelters.  Some of these students have lost everything; they need everything from toiletries to clothes to school supplies.

We are asking for the Campus Community family to help these students and families. Click "Read More" to find out how you can help.


Art Therapy

Campus Community School is in the news again!!! This year, we have partnered with Northnode Counseling and Jennifer         

August, a board certified Art Therapist, to provide this service to our students. Art therapy provides students with an outlet and allows them to express themselves through their artwork.



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